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Objectives, vision, mission and plans of the Environment Research Center



1. healthy human in sustainable societies in Isfahan and Iran

empowering the Environmental Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in maintenance and promotion of its provincial, regional and national authority to conduct up-to-date and innovative research in the field of public health and the environment to prevent environmental diseases;



• Conducting basic and applied research studies in various areas of environmental and occupational health

• Provide scientific evidence-based solutions to environmental and occupational issues

• Attracting researchers and developing human resources in research

• Localization of modern technologies for its application

• Efforts to national and international cooperation

• Knowledge support of industries and other relevant bodies to align their policies with maintenance of the environment and occupational health

• Conducting research Focused on the requirements of society (conducting community-based environmental research)



• Cooperation with national and foreign experts in order to use new educational and research technologies

• Creating the essential structures to develop relations with similar national and foreign centers

• Constant communication with industries and companies which generate the major environmental problems of the province

• Determining research priorities

• Identify the community requirements

• Research commercialization

• Investigation on the problems and issues of organizations and industries that cause pollution

• Empowering researchers for the application of their research

• Holding educational workshops such as: writing, reference management, research methods and ...

• Communication with radio and television to prepare public education programs

• Apply research and commercialize it

• Quantitative and qualitative improvement of scientific and research products



Environmental Research Center, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences as one of the three research centers under the auspices of the research Institute of Primordial Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences along with other research centers in line with the university's goals and It pursues its ideals in the following areas:

• Research: Conduct research on environmental pollutants

• Education: training PhD by research students, student study opportunities, and attracting postdoctoral researchers;

• Services: Promotion of environmental health in provincial, regional and national levels to improve public health;

• Technology: localization of modern environmental technologies in order to apply them;

• Communication: Establishing provincial, national and international cooperation

• Socialism: Communicating with industries, organizations and society in order to knowledge support of industries and organizations and making research focus on the society requirements;


key words:

• Environmental health

• Environmental issues

• Organizations and industries

• Environmental pollution