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Welcome to the Environmental Research Center

Isfahan Environmental Research Center, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences has been established since 2009 with specialized personnel, faculty members, master's and doctoral students, and with a suitable physical space and facilities and equipment. This center is used as a scientific and technical arm of the university in solving environmental problems of Isfahan province, as the second industrial hub of the country and includes some basic industries and the third province in terms of population, for decision making and policy making in environmental health and environmental issues. As a reputable scientific-research center, it cooperates with other similar domestic and foreign centers, executive organizations and industries.

“Climate change challenges, time for global Environmental Health to act in unison”

26 September:

World Environmental Health Day


Environment Research Center (ENVRC): Introduction, Missions, and Objectives

Environment Research Center (ENVRC), Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS)

ENVRC Members:

ENVRC Members:

Prof. Mohammad Mehdi Amin (Director)

Prof. Bijan Bina

Prof. Hossein Movahedian Attar

Prof. Mahnaz Nikaein

Laboratory Tests

Research Laboratories:

Instrumental analytical laboratory

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Iranian Environmental Health Scientific Association
     World Health Organization (WHO)
     US Environmental Protection Agency
     Environmental Protection Organization
     Isfahan Health Center
     Ministry of Health and Medical Education

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