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Scope of the journal

The journal will cover technical and clinical studies related to health, ethical and social issues in field of

  • Water pollution and treatment processes;‎
  • Municipal and Industrial Wastewater collection, treatment and disposal;‎
  • Air pollution monitoring and control;‎
  • Municipal, Industrial, and Hazardous solid waste management;‎
  • Environmental nanotechnology;‎
  • Environmental biotechnology;‎
  • Environmental epidemiology: the effects of environmental pollutants on human health;‎
  • Modeling in environmental health;‎
  • Food safety and hygiene;‎
  • Soil pollution and bioremediation;‎
  • Radiation protection;‎
  • Energy and environment;‎
  • Noise pollution control;‎
  • Environmental impact assessment ‪(EIA)‬;‎
  • Health, safety, environment and quality management systems ‪(HSEQ-MS)‬;‎
  • Integrated Management System ‪(IMS)‬;‎
  • Environmental economics;‎
  • Environmental law;‎
  • Environmental health education;‎
  • Environmental health and quality of life;‎
  • Non-classical statistics modeling of environmental pollution;‎
  • Persistent organic pollutants and dioxins;‎
  • Environmental chemistry;‎
  • Environmental toxicology and risk assessment;‎
  • Pollutions of work environment and that monitoring and control;‎

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