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Environment Research Center (ENVRC), Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (IUMS)

Environment Research Center (ENVRC) was established in 2009, in Environmental Health Department of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences.

ENVRC is one of the research centers of Research Institute of Primordial Prevention of Non-Communicable Disease to address the need for innovative approaches to the study of complex relationships between the environment and human health.

Since its inception, the Institute has been engaged in interdisciplinary and innovative research studying the complex relationships between the environment and human health.  We recognize that environments and health are multi-dimensional.

ENVRC has certificate of trusted laboratory for some physiochemical, biological and biotechnological parameters.


  • Multidisciplinary research to solve environmental health challenges locally and globally
  • Identifying, understanding, and preventing environmentally-related diseases
  • Biomonitoring; measurement of the body burden of toxic chemical compounds, elements, or their metabolites, in biological substances such as urine or blood.
  • Domestic and international collaborations
  • Conducting practical and applied research in different fields of environment and environmental health including: Water pollution and treatment processes; Municipal and industrial wastewater collection, Treatment and disposal; Air pollution monitoring and control; Municipal, Industrial, and Hazardous solid waste management; Environmental nanotechnology and biotechnology
  • Cooperation with different industries



  • The goal of the Institute is to facilitate, promote and publish environment and health research, and to share our expertise with the community.
  • To promote research on environments and health, across a broad spectrum of topics, including new fields, such as biomonitoring;
  • To leverage research funding opportunities from industries and partner organizations on Environments & Health
  • To build receptor capacity in partner organizations
  • To provide leadership in transformative, evidence-informed policy and action on environments and health issues
  • To raise Isfahan University of Medical Sciences profile in environments and health research and knowledge mobilization locally, provincially, nationally and internationally

Welcome to the Environmental Research Center

Isfahan Environmental Research Center, Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences has been established since 2009 with specialized personnel, faculty members, master's and doctoral students, and with a suitable physical space and facilities and equipment. This center is used as a scientific and technical arm of the university in solving environmental problems of Isfahan province, as the second industrial hub of the country and includes some basic industries and the third province in terms of population, for decision making and policy making in environmental health and environmental issues. As a reputable scientific-research center, it cooperates with other similar domestic and foreign centers, executive organizations and industries.


Iranian Environmental Health Scientific Association
     World Health Organization (WHO)
     US Environmental Protection Agency
     Environmental Protection Organization
     Isfahan Health Center
     Ministry of Health and Medical Education

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